9th european conference on accelerators
in applied research and technology

September 3-7, 2007, Florence (ITALY)

Weather conditions in Florence 

We are sorry, we cannot tell you for sure whether it will rain or not, or what the temperatures will be...

We can however tell you what the weather was like in the past few years...
Weather in the first fortnight of September can be variable, even with rain episodes, sometimes in the form of short showers. Temperatures are usually cooler than in August, especially during the night; on the contrary during the day, it's still Italian summer!

Thus, take light clothing with you, but don't forget a light jacket for the evening and a small umbrella!


Average temperatures during the period September,1st - September,15th

Detailed forecasts can be found in the web site: http://www.lamma.rete.toscana.it/previ/eng/bollmet.html 



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