9th european conference on accelerators
in applied research and technology

September 3-7, 2007, Florence (ITALY)

Invited speakers 

  • U. Amaldi (TERA Foundation and Univ. Milano Bicocca): 
    Hadron therapy: applications of accelerator technologies to cancer treatment
  • A.A. Bettiol (CIBA, Singapore):
    Direct write nanolithography with focused mega electron volt protons
  • J.L. Campbell (Guelph University):
    Measurements of water in Martian soils by accelerator-equivalent tecnhniques
  • C. Fiorini (Politecnico, Milano):
    Semiconductor Drift Detectors for X and gamma ray spectroscopy and imaging
  • R. Golser (VERA, Vienna): 
    PIXE measurements of metalpoint drawings at VERA
  • M Kokkoris (National Technical University Athens): 
    A review on recent developments in deuteron induced reactions enhancing NRA capabilities
  • Ph. Moretto (University of Bordeaux):
    Response of individual cells to single ion irradiation
  • M. Nastasi (Los Alamos Nat.Lab.): 
    Ion beam enhanced crystallization of sol-gel grown TiO2 films
  • R.D. Ruth (SLAC and Lyncean Techn.):
    The Compact Light Source: a miniature Synchrotron
  • J. Salomon (C2RMF, Paris):
    Application of IBA to cultural heritage artefacts: present status and future prospects
  • M. Suter (ETH, Zurich):
    Small versus large AMS systems
  • M.A. Seymour (Xceleron, UK)
    Accelerating drug development



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